Business Continuity and Risk Management

BCarm Customer Testimonial - Web Design Company

I thought I had always taken business continuity seriously by taking backups of my computers and servers. However I think it takes an incident just to bring home how unprepared most of us really are.


The business requires that I operate 6 servers and 10 computers 24/7. My ISP is available 99.9% of the time on an annual basis. I have daily backups of all systems and I have a spare server that can be reconfigured within 4 hours. So what could possibly go wrong ?  


On one fateful day a simple switch failed. With no response plan, no real understanding of my business structure or my asset recover order, no communication plan and of course no onsite replacement switch, my systems were down for almost a day. I was very lucky; it could have been far more serious even if it did take a considerable time and very serious guarantees to reassure my clients that it would not happen again.  


Thanks to Steve Williams and his BCarm team, (, I was put on the right track. Firstly they got me to understand my business, in particular my business assests and their interdependencies. Then assess the risks faced and put in place reduction and recovery measures to minimise downtime in various loss scenarios. Everything started to become clearer and fell into place.  


I think a measure of the success of the BCarm's business continuity planning system is the fact that I now have the confidence to test my Incident response plans to see if my recovery plans actually work.    


Graham Hughes, Director, Sygnet Interactive  

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