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AdvanceHE is a member-led charity that works with partners across the globe to improve higher education for staff, students and society and deliver support through a variety of channels, applying our expertise and sharing best practice. These include professional development programmes, events, fellowships, awards, surveys as well as consultancy and enhancement services. 

We are experts in higher education, with a particular focus on teaching and learning, governance, leadership development and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Advance HE has been using Arch Business Protection/BCarm since 2020 and I’ve used the system since I started my role in January 2023 as the lead business partner for Learning & Development.

We mainly make use of the E Learning platform and Counselling Helpline and following a demonstration of the Health & Safety Management system are looking to branch out and utilise wider system functionality.

To date we’ve completed nearly 955 E Learning courses using ABP and have recently added 5 new courses to our E Learning platform.

We’ve found the Display Screen Equipment E Learning course particularly useful in making sure people have the correct desk set up and can complete the self-assessment and then log equipment needs on our HR system. We’ve found this process to be seamless and enables basic training and awareness on DSE and equipment requirements to be delivered which can then be enhanced based on individual employee upskilling needs.

We also use the Data Protection E Learning course which helps us ensure that our new starters in their probation period are compliant and are aware of their responsibilities.

ABP has formed an integral part of our immersive learning process which includes multiple induction stages so much so that ABP now appears in our Learning & Development policy.

The system also helps me with my daily role because I can quickly induct new starters, get them up to speed and make sure everyone is at the same skill level before progressing, ABP delivers everything I need to make that process successful.

A big deliverable of the system is that the data which can be produced and fed into our exec group, identifying needs and helping us check our organisational compliance. Our new Health & wellbeing committee also utilise the data ABP generates.

I have no complaints about system accessibility and am really happy with how easy the system is to use, equally from a disability and impairment perspective the system is very accessible for those that might use adaptive software.

Overall, ABP allows us to effectively train our collegues, track performance and maintain compliance business-wide and has had a positive effect on our organisational culture.

We’ve found the engagement support very useful, especially the video calls, and through a combination of the system and that support, we feel equipped that as a business, we can achieve our risk management goals.

Samantha Harding, Lead Business Partner for Learning & Development


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