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We have used BCarm for 6 years and it has unquestionably helped us improve our overall Health and Safety process and culture.

It provided us with a structure and a framework for our Health and Safety organisation without which we would have to develop ourselves. This would have been time consuming and no doubt involved trial and error.

Risk Assessments are critical to the Health and Safety process and the proactive monitoring we carry out, checking our control measures are all operative and in place, in particular has played a key part in improving our process and increasing engagement amongst the team. We simply set the monitoring timeframes in BCarm and it schedules the tasks for us with email reminders.

BCarm has made it easier to delegate Health and Safety activity and as well as spreading the workload, with a number of individuals involved in our day-to day safety monitoring. This has helped build a wider responsibility and culture in the business because it is an activity that happens every day and everyone understands why.

We use E Learning as part our training delivery and we run this on an annual cycle. It has helped increase overall engagement across our workforce, changing people’s views and attitudes towards Health and Safety at work, with many now able to recite extracts from the modules about manual handling procedures.

We also use BCarm to deliver Toolbox Talk for which we can instantly create “signed” training records for each employee using the new Safety Briefings feature. The fact that you can deliver the Toolbox Talk and it instantly updates everyone’s training record just cuts down on the steps required to get the job done.

Time is one of the biggest challenges for anyone managing Health and Safety especially if it’s just one of your responsibilities and the BCarm Engagement Team are particularly good here. They are quick and responsive whether on the phone or by email which means if you have a query, you can just get on with the task in hand, it doesn’t get put to one side waiting for a response.

BCarm is a key component of our Health and Safety organisation, without it the job would be extremely challenging. I have real confidence about what we have in place.

Richard King, Operations Manager

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