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The Tindle Newspaper Group is a local newsgroup made up of 30 main titles, which operate out of 28 offices stretching from the Channel Islands to the Isle of Man and from Essex to Cornwall.

As a business, we wanted to introduce a more centralised, structured approach to health and safety and develop a more consistent approach across our locations. We also wanted safety to be part of our business culture. 


With the geographical spread of our business we needed more than technical expertise, we needed a mechanism and a framework that would allow us to develop our safety controls and procedures and give us the ability to monitor activity at a local level.

We chose to work with BCarm as they offered both a system solution and also consultancy that helped us develop our initial Health and Safety Framework and Risk Assessments. They also provided support to help us implement the system and train our managers and teams, allowing us to build a process that suited our business.

BCarm has allowed us to build a common approach to health and safety. Managers understand what is required of them and how to do it and are supported by our Regional H&S Representatives. We now proactively monitor our risk controls using a combination of Risk Assessment reporting and Safety Checklists and the E-Learning self-assessments.

The reporting functions have given us visibility across all of our locations, showing how well we are maintaining our safety arrangements and, where there are shortfalls, how we are addressing them. This has made it easier for us to engage those who are a little slower to adapt to change.

This and the E-Learning has helped us lay the foundations for a strong safety culture; the E-Learning has helped staff understand and think about the risks in their areas and how they should deal with them. Safety is now seen as part of everyone’s job.

The support BCarm provides has been crucial. The Engagement Team is friendly, personable and always at the end of the phone ready and willing to assist, no matter how many times you call or how many times you have already asked the question. It really takes a lot of the “challenge” of implementing something new and getting buy-in. It means our local offices always have someone on hand to help them with any queries they have, from our initial implementation through to supporting us in the development of our Covid-19 Risk Assessments and controls. 

Looking back at what we have achieved, BCarm has made it possible.

Angela Ennis, Health & Safety Coordinator

Tindle Newspaper Group

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