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On-site training by Competent Person

As a business you have to appoint a Competent Person to manage your health and safety, and if you have decided that you need to address your Competent Person requirements with an in-house role, BCarm’s Competent Person can help you.

We can support you and the individual to help develop and grow their competency and your health and safety management system with best practices. Having worked with many client’s to do this, what they all have in common is that one size does not fit all.

Exactly what you’ll need will depend on your circumstances, whether you are looking to develop an existing member of your team or to recruit a new resource; so we will build a solution that meets your requirements.  If you're still considering your options for an in-house role vs an external Competent Person read our Competent Person insight.

Onsite or Virtual

If the pandemic has given us one thing, it’s the willingness to consider different ways of working and we can provide support both remotely and onsite. This means we can provide regular support (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) once the initial relationship has been established more cost-effectively than days onsite as it can be charged hourly rather than a half or day rate.

It could include:

Recruitment Support

Providing a technical interview as part of the recruitment process to ensure there is an appropriate level of knowledge, skills and experience to meet the needs of your business.

Technical Assessment

To allow you and the individual to understand their current level, we can carry out a Technical Assessment and then help build a personal development plan with milestones and learning objectives for progression.


This can be further supported by ongoing mentoring for the individual which could include:

  • Monthly 1.2.1’s.
  • Technical referral point.
  • Helping the individual set up and run the H&S Committee.
  • Working alongside the individual to develop Risk Assessments and other safety protections, such as safe systems of work etc.
  • Development of Safety inspection Regimes.
  • Development of safety performance metrics and KPI’s for the business.
  • Study support for NEBOSH or other exams.

Specialist Risk Assessments

Your Competent person may still need support with specialist Risk Assessments such as Fire and DSEAR, which we can also provide. These also represent an opportunity to build knowledge and understanding by conducting these together.

Checking fire safety

Wider Training resources for the business

To help your Competent Person develop wider awareness and understanding in the business, we also have further training resources that they can access. These include:

And we can also provide ongoing consultancy support both on-site and virtual to support the business as their competency builds.

Book a meeting using the link below to discuss your requirements and we will tailor a package to your needs.

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How can we help you?

Our friendly expert team are here to help. If you have a specific question about one of our solutions or need our help assessing your company needs contact us. If you would like a meeting to understand the benefits of BCarm, schedule a time and date convenient for you here.

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Our approach

We believe that risk management delivers more than just protection and compliance. It can enhance operational effectiveness, improves resilience, create employee engagement and accountability, delivering improved business performance and competitive advantage.

We deliver this through our 4 Step process which ensures we thoroughly understand your needs and requirements and enables us to identify wider business improvements our solution can deliver.

Understand the issues

Understanding your needs and requirements, your issues and challenges and your business drivers and objectives ensures your solution delivers the biggest difference.

Develop a solution

Your solution will combine the relevant parts of our offer to deliver your objectives. It will include any people factors that are frequently the critical success factor.

Deliver and implement

We will build with you an implementation plan to make roll-out and deployment as simple and impact-free as possible delivering quick returns for your business.

Continuous support

And once you are up-and-running the support doesn’t end there. Our Engagement Team are always available to help you develop your solution further.

Our Clients Say

This process we went through with BCarm was a real eye-opener and has enabled us to put in place numerous measures to protect critical functions for the ongoing performance of the business

Dean Brown

Finance Director, Adey International

We use BCarm for Health and Safety and Environmental risk management and I can highly recommend it. We don't know why everyone doesn't use this system but please don't tell our competitors.

Lisa M Barry

Managing Director, Stairlifts (Scotland) Ltd

BCarm gave us the assistance and discipline, while flexible enough to work around our processes to make sure we met the standards under health & safety

Shirish Patel

CFO, Lan2Lan

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