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Prior to using the BCarm Health & Safety Management Suite our Safety Management System was purely paper based.

With depots situated around the UK and Ireland, to achieve compliance and timely reporting is a tall order. Since the introduction of BCarm, we are in a healthy position whereby we can identify non-compliance immediately and assist the depots to improve local safety.

Health and safety training is difficult to plan into staff's schedules as it not only takes the staff member away from their daily tasks but also requires a trainer and / or extra company funds if the training is done externally. Selecta UK Ltd use the E-Learning suite to identify potential risk and to satisfy safety compliance. It enables staff "at all levels" to be trained. Users can pick up where they left off if they have work commitment to complete.

Each time staff sit an E-Learning course, they are not only tested on the course content but receive questions based on processes/procedures/policy etc.

Based on the answers provided by the user, a risk factor score is compiled and the manager of the system is alerted when the risk factor requires attention. This is a fantastic tool to demonstrate safety compliance to an insurer, identify potential risk, conduct a discrete audit of the depot and importantly, manage the outcome.

As a company this is a cost effective method of ensuring legal compliance and the improved safety of our employees.

In the past 7 months of using BCarm, over 800 safety courses have been completed!

The Stress Counselling Helpline is offered to all employees and shows the correct level of concern to all staff. There is more we will use to realise the full potential of BCarm, such as business continuity, policy sharing, work flow, asset management.

Verdict: A must have.

Andy Slade, HSEQ Manager

Selecta UK

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