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Over the past 35 years DHP Family has grown to become a leading name in the live music industry with a deserved reputation for our innovative and creative approach to music production and promotion.

DHP Family has 8 venues and is constantly expanding and following the opening of our London office in 2013, we added a brand new London venue to our accomplished roster, Oslo in 2014, followed by the purchase and renovation of iconic venues Borderline in Soho and The Garage in Islington.

  • What were the issues you were looking to address when you chose to work with BCARM, if you can provide individual issues or problems rather than high level that’s helpful?

Before BCarm, we used a different online H&S system. We needed a H&S system where further actions could be logged (as we can with tasks in BCarm) so we have a trail of tasks being assigned to specific people and them being completed. We also wanted to devise our own checklists to mirror our existing paper checklists. The system we were using before BCarm could do neither of these things

  • How were these effecting the business?

Tasks identified from accident investigations, or further precautions in risk assessments or defects identified in audits were not being logged and actioned which meant we still had ongoing unsolved problems.

  • Implementing new systems can be challenging, how have you found getting to grips with BCARM?

When we switched over, there was resistance as it was just different to the old system – so managers came to me (and Tori or Lexcie) with anything that they could not work out for themselves.

  • How have you found the support from BCARM over the period?

The support is exceptionally good. We have multiple sites, with managers covering multiple fields e.g venue management and technical engineers. Any issue we come across has been solved with in an hour normally or at most in 24 hours.

  • What improvements has this allowed you to make?

Being able to access fast and reliable support easily means we are able to keep running effectively and there is not the need for Julie & myself to be in the office if assistance is needed. The support means that we are able to continuously learn more about how the system can benefit our business.

  • What benefits and positive impacts are these having for you/the Business?

We can harmonise all aspects of the business together e.g tasks linked to other sectors of the business, and PPE alerts.

Julie Tippins, Head of Risk Management

DHP Family

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