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Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd specialise in providing a comprehensive range of predictive, planned and reactive mechanical engineering services to a broad and diverse range of industry sectors including; Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Facilities Management, Food & Beverage, Metal Making & Processing, Mining, Paper & Transport. 

We are IS0 9001, 14001 and 45001 Certified and operate from 5 locations across the UK.

We have been using Arch Business Protection/BCarm for several years, initially to manage our Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS). In the last 3 years following a change of personnel, we have expanded how we use the system to include Accident/Incident Management and E Learning.

The nature of the work means we must be very responsive to our clients’ needs; they rely on us to get the process back in action. As every “job” is individual, we need to be able to quickly produce individual RAMS to reflect the work we are undertaking.

Like many businesses, we have limited resources and so the capability of the Arch Business Protection system to generate bespoke RAMS, quickly and efficiently is a real benefit, reducing the administrative burden on the business.

Arch Business Protection has a lot of functionality that we want to explore further and this includes;

  • Delivering Toolbox Talks with individual signage that they have received and understood the training.
  • Utilising the Checklist module for Audits and Safety Inspections that will support our ISO45001 certification.
  • How the mobile App can help us further improve our Site RAMS process.

Fortunately, we can talk to the Engagement Team, from whom we get unlimited remote support, to discuss these and work out a plan of action, rather than work it out for ourselves. The Engagement Team are always there to respond quickly to any requests we have for support.

Kevin Berry, Operations Manager

Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd

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