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Driven by a passion for music-making and sound since 1967, the Headstock Group prides itself on a portfolio of outstanding products. Whether for our beloved in-house brands Laney Amplification and HH Electronics, or as a proud distribution partner for industry-leading and illustrious MI brands, we bring the motivation, experience, and creativity to thrive in this very special industry.

From our Head Quarters in Halesowen, we employ 50 employees who are involved in sales, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and distributing our products.

Health and Safety has always been a priority for us and having had the incumbent who had managed it retire from the business, it presented an opportunity to improve the way we managed our Health and Safety process; which was totally paper-based with robust but disparate records.

We were introduced to Arch Business Protection/BCarm by Arch’s surveyor, who felt we would benefit from what it provides and started to implement the system in late 2022. Coming from an IT/Operations background a centralised, “digital” management system made perfect sense.

One of our biggest challenges with H&S management was the visibility and accessibility of our paper-based H&S records, the other was again the visibility of the day-to-day activity we need to maintain to stay compliant.

Arch Business Protection would enable us to upgrade our “archaic” record system and remove paper from the process. It also meant that we could centralise all our H&S activity, including training and all of the daily/regular checks, in one place.

The first thing we implemented was the E Learning; it’s simple to set up and whilst we had always provided training, this again gave us improved records and allowed us to capture employee feedback. In fact, the “self-assessment” element of the E Learning allowed us to identify potential gaps in our process and then record the action we had taken.

Initially, we received some tuition on using the system from the ABP Engagement Team, which is all part of the support that is provided and have been able to use them whenever required to get a quick and helpful response to any queries we have.

Following the retirement of our H&S Manager, we engaged a local, external H&S Consultant and they have now imported a number of Checklists they have designed for us, using the Checklist builder in ABP, such as Forklift Truck Inspections, Racking Inspections, Housekeeping inspections and the like. Our Team will be able to use these in the new H&S App and will again further elevate how we manage H&S and cut down the time it takes.

One of the areas we are looking to use next is the Business Continuity Management system. We attended one of Arch’s BCarm Academy Sessions on Continuity Planning which helped us develop the way we think about business continuity and resilience. Like many businesses, we have experienced a variety of “disruptions” in the last 3 years and whilst we have dealt with all of these, we want to build robust business continuity plans to minimise the impact these have.

Scott McKenzie, Operations Director

Headstock Group

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