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Client Experiences

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These different client experiences illustrate how companies have used the systems and what they acheived with them for their businesses.


Web Design & Business Software Agency - SE England

"I thought I had always taken business continuity serious by taking backups of my computers...more"

Fashion Designer and Retailer - UK, Europe & USA

“With over 1000 employees, spread across 8 countries.....more"


Bathroom Retail Company - UK Wide

“bathstore have over 130 sites covering the UK”.....more"


Network & Managed Services Solution Provider - SE England

"At LAN2LAN we needed a package to work alongside us.......more"

Furniture Manufacturer - North of England

“I would recommend the system to anyone who has a multi site business.....more


Care Home Group - Southern England

"Having used conventional H&S Consultancy support in the past we decided our business requirements had changed ...more"


Power Tool Distribution Group - UK Wide

"Before Fusion Thinking health and safety management suite all of our documentation was paper based......more"

Kitchen Manufacturer & Installer - UK Wide

As we are company with showrooms around the country we are able to see what they are doing.......more


Forklift and Handling Equipment Supplier -  S of England

"I have recently rolled out Fusion Thinking's (on line) Health and Safety Management system across our four depots .......more"

Manufacture of Autoclaves - London

"At Priorclave, like so many other small companies, we were using old fashioned, paper based processes....more"


Technology Retail Chain - South of England

"Fusion Thinking has given me a starting point with Health and Safety. Before F.T. I had dabbled in H&S but never really knew how to implement it company wide......more"

Stairlift Manufacture and Installation - Scotland

"Fusion Thinking greatly assisted us in the completion of a more formal, robust and practical business continuity plan.....more"

Magnetic Heating Filters

"A review of the Company's business continuity and resilience was initiated by......more"

 Vending Machine Suppliers

"Prior to using the BCARM Health & Safety management suite our Safety Management System was purely paper based.....more"

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