Driving cost and friction out of the risk management process.


Any risk management process by its nature can cause friction and present several challenges.

Whether this is complying with new and changing regulation, the ability to maintain ongoing risk controls and processes, keeping on top of the employee training and development or encouraging positive behaviour in the workplace.

Administering the process can become a major barrier to performance if it is complex and disjointed, or if there is a lack of accessible data, because it's paper-based or a non-reportable format. Below is a list of the top 10 common issues we encounter from a Health and Safety perspective when it comes to risk assessment solutions;

  1. How can I develop consistent Risk Assessments across the business?
  2. How can I create a pro-active monitoring process in the business?
  3. How do I ensure that my control measures are in place and being complied with?
  4. How can I easily maintain records of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that's been issued and when it needs to be checked, tested and replaced?
  5. How can I get instantly documented sign-off on Method Statements off-site?
  6. How do I get real-time compliance performance data across all activity across all locations?
  7. How do I track that H&S documentation has been received, read, and either understood or not understood?
  8. How can I quickly generate compliance information for Committee Meetings and Board Reports?
  9. How can I create ownership and accountability in individual business units?
  10. How do I stay on top of training renewals?

All of these introduce friction, cost and inefficacy into the process, and potentially reduces the protection the risk management framework should be delivering to the business.

Why use a Management System?

Management systems that are tailored to suit your business needs, like BCarm, bring together all of the necessary components of risk management solutions with key functionality and meaningful benefits, which help improve the performance of your overall business. These should include:-

  • Driving ongoing risk assessment and corrective action
  • Creating quantifiable risk/compliance performance
  • Allowing delegation of activity whilst maintaining visibility and accountability
  • Reduced process steps and opportunities for failure
  • Full audit trail of activity

Instant access to the risk management framework, whilst being mobile, allows you to manage multiple activities at the same time, i.e. delivering a safety briefing on a Method Statement, recording employee attendance with signatures and updating training records. All of this can be completed in one simple action on a device wherever you are working, removing administration time and inefficiency from the process.

Combine with e-learning, a training delivery mechanism which can also provide hugely insightful data, and a management system can deliver real operational efficiency. The value and cost-benefit of risk assessment processes go well beyond compliance and protection.

This value and cost benefit is illustrated in the following 2 examples.

BCarm Cost Benefit Analysis Example 1 - Up to £47,300 saved

The below analysis illustrates the cost-benefit of a risk management solution that supports all aspects of Plan-do-check-act and is deployable across the organisation, creating engagement at every level of the business.

Up to £47,300 saved

This example is for an organisation with 200 employees, of which 45 people are actively involved in the management of Health & Safety everyday. This is made possible by the management system functionality.

BCarm Cost Benefit Analysis Example 2 - Over 400 process hours saved

Below is an analysis of the management and administration time saving using a risk management solution. It is based on a low risk office-based organisation, with 700 employees located across sites.

The current HSMS utilises Microsoft product suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint). In-house systems typically require 2-3 days of IT support per month which can equate to costs between £8000-£12,500 per annum.

Over 400 process hours saved

How do I get started?

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