Webinar 21 March 2024: How to drive cost and friction out of the risk management process.

How to drive cost and friction out of the risk management process.

At a time when many of us are reviewing our business process, we will look at how to drive out cost and friction from Health and Safety – two frequently cited barriers to the process.

Any risk management process that is administratively intensive creates cost and, perhaps more importantly, a barrier to its use and engagement, limiting its ability to deliver its purpose and protect the business. With Health & Safety, the consequences of this can be even more costly!

Join our webinar on 21 March at 10.30 am, where we will cover how to drive cost and friction out of the Health and Safety process and, at the same time, get better access to performance metrics, improved accountability, and engagement.

We will discuss:-

• What the common risk management issues are, from a Health and Safety perspective.
• The value and cost-benefit of reducing friction.
• How a tailored risk management system can help produce real step change.

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Audience: This webinar is helpful for risk managers, company directors, and those involved in managing their organisation's health and safety process.


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