Our 4 Step process, a Business Continuity case study

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We can support your existing risk management team with specialist knowledge, provide additional resources to expedite projects or help develop in-house expertise. Consultancy support forms a key component in our 4 step process.

This client had made many unsuccessful attempts to start the Business Continuity Planning process and was coming under increasing pressure from a major customer to provide a Business Continuity Plan.

The SMT were also time-poor, so whilst they had all of the information at their disposal to develop a BCP (Business Continuity Plan), time and a structure to work to were the biggest barriers.

This how our 4 step process helped deliver an operational Business Continuity Management System.

Understand the issues

  • Business wants to embark upon Business Continuity to meet its customers supply chain requirements
  • It doesn't understand what Business Continuity really means in the context of its operation
  • It doesn't know how to start the process
  • It doesn't know how to structure a BCP

Develop a solution

  • Deliver a business continuity scoping meeting to enable the business to understand:
    • Its tolerance for disruption
    • The business continuity process
    • The steps it needs to work through and in what order
    • Its business continuity objectives
  • Provide further Consultancy as required to facilitate the process which included:
    • Review of BIA, BC objectives and proposed BC strategies
    • Establishing recovery times for processes, assets and resources
    • Developing the incident response plan
    • Engaging with their supply chain to establish BC capability
  • Development of the BCP in BCarm Business Continuity Management System

Deliver & implement

  • Onsite BC Scoping Meeting
  • Review findings and action plan with business SMT
  • Agree progress review calls (weekly) to support project
  • Deliver any further consultancy as required
  • Record all findings, actions, resources in BCarm BCMS
  • Engage with Supply Chain to complete BC Questionnaire
  • Identify where further business continuity measures needed to be developed, including dual suppliers

Continuous support

  • Training for new member of staff employed to coordinate risk management on a day-to-day basis
  • Ongoing engagement team support
  • Quarterly review calls once project complete

More information on the 4-step process

To discuss how our 4-step process could work with your company BC needs, get in touch for a discussion.

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