HR Star and BCarm Announce Partnership with Employee Engagement at its Heart

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Bcarm and HR Star logos

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with HR Star, a specialist HR Consultancy, to offer you HR solutions built around our shared values on the importance of Employee Engagement. 

Cheltenham based HR Star and Sevenoaks based BCarm are launching a new partnership that is built around shared values on the importance of Employee Engagement.

S.M.E. businesses with highly engaged workforces enjoy 43% greater turnover and 23% better profitability, according to Gallup, one of the leading global authorities on Employee Engagement. They also have 66% fewer accidents, 14% higher productivity and 41% better quality. Gallup have identified 12 key drivers for an engaged workforce, known as the Gallup Q12. Well-being and workplace safety are both key factors in these drivers and underpin high Employee Engagement.

HR Star is a specialist HR consultancy who delivers more than support with HR policies and procedures. They work with clients to create and maintain highly engaged workforces by aligning the people with the business core values, vision and goals, creating a positive employee experience and through a focus on communication, well-being and development.

BCarm – Business Continuity & Risk Management provide a unique combination of cloud-based software, onsite risk consultancy and engagement support to provide solutions for businesses to develop business continuity & resilience and a safe working environment. These solutions also build Employee Engagement by aligning employees with the organisation.

As well as a shared belief in Employee Engagement as a critical performance driver for businesses, HR Star and BCarm share a common language and process through the implementation of E.O.S, Entrepreneurial Operating System. This is a people operating system that harnesses human energy through a simple set of tools and principles and focuses these on the business’s goals.

Kelly Tucker of HR Star says, “It is a simple equation, business leaders who want their teams to care about and engage in the vision and goals need to care about the well-being and safety of their teams. This is borne out in all of the data on employee engagement.”

“The traditional suppliers of HR and Health & Safety support tend to be generic, risk-averse and focussed on compliance.” Is how Steve Williams of BCarm sees this area of business support. “The focus both HR Star and BCarm have is on removing the red-tape, simplifying the process, using safety and well-being to help enhance business performance and ultimately competitive advantage.”

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