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As each client's requirements are different we tailor what we provide by;

  • Understanding the Issues
  • Developing a solution
  • Delivering & Implementing
  • Providing ongoing support


Understanding the Issues

Establishing exactly what the Business' issues and needs are is critical; not just the symptoms but the causes.




Business Continuity


Health and Safety 


Planning Implementation

We will want to understand the impacts of these, including the financial impacts as these assist the decision making process when it comes to agreeing the right risk treatment.This may involve meeting the Management Team, site audits, review of existing risk controls, understanding the business process and culture, or simply reviewing an “incident” that has occurred that has highlighted issues.


Developing a Solution

Any management system or risk controls are implemented by people, so understanding how the business works is paramount.The solution could be a combination of consultancy, systems, project management, training all of which has to be coordinated for the client and delivered at the right pace for the business.


Delivering & Implementing

Implementation planning is crucial, you don’t eat an elephant in one sitting and risk management is the same. The Business has to be able to absorb the changes successfully before moving on to the next phase.Management Information from our systems will play a key part; we all have to know what “success” looks like and when we are achieving it.


Ongoing Support

The process isn’t complete until the Client has successfully implemented the solution and the results are self-evident. People are a key part in any delivery so our team are on-hand to support for as much or as little as required, either remotely or face to face.  



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