How can BCarm help you manage your Plant and Machinery Health and Safety requirements?

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Plant and Machinery 

The operation Plant and Machinery in the workplace have a number of health and safety considerations. Here’s how BCarm can assist with these. 

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves of the legislation that relates to Plant and Machinery 

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), 

Sets the regulations for suitability, operation, and maintenance of Workplace Equipment. 

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER 

Sets the requirements for the use, maintenance, and statutory inspection of Lifting Equipment 

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 

Sets the regulations for providing suitable working environments , such as welfare facilities,  temperatures, lighting, cleanliness and waste control 


How can BCarm help you manage your Plant and Machinery Health and Safety requirements? 

Risk Assessment 

You can carry out relevant Risk Assessments for 

  • Operation of the Plant 
  • Servicing, maintenance, and repair 
  • Risk Assessments are required not just for the operation of Machinery and Plants but also for the physical area they work in, for instance, Forklift Truck charging areas, etc. 
  • RAs have suggested control measures for the relevant Hazards (i.e. Trapping), which you can tailor to your own needs. 
  • Equally, you can add your own, which builds a library of control measures that can be used in future Risk Assessments, helping maintain consistency. 


Maintaining your Control Measures 

  • Risk Assessment allows you to create proactive safety reporting regimes in between your annual Risk Assessment review. By proactively monitoring on a regular basis whether your control measures are operative or not, you’re identifying potential issues before they occur. 
  • This will also give you a performance score, which helps you manage performance over time and build Safety Performance KPIs.


Plant and Machinery Inspections and Checks 

You will probably use Checklists for Pre-start Checks, Maintenance/Inspection Checklists, Calibration checks or for reporting faults. 

A Local Exhaust Ventilation, LEV, checklist may contain details on: 

  • Does the indicator show the LEV is working properly?  
  • Is it taking away all the harmful dust, mist, fumes, and gas?  
  • Are there any signs it is not working properly, like smells or settled dust?  
  • Are there any unusual noises or vibrations coming from it?  
  • Has it been thoroughly tested, with a ‘tested’ label that is within date?  
  • Does the sock bag need changing or emptying?  

BCarm’s editable Checklist Templates and Checklist Builder allow you to build your own bespoke controls that are instantly reportable in BCarm and allow operators to; 

  • Upload Images 
  • Add commentary, and 
  • Create Corrective Actions 

The BCarm Team can also help you with your Checklist design so that it builds meaningful data points for you to analyse and manage activity, for instance a dropdown list of Machinery Faults that can then be reported on. 

Any Checklist can also generate performance scores to assess trends and manage performance and allow corrective action to be captured and assigned to individuals when completing the Checklist. 

With the BCarm HSM App, you can easily access your Checklists wherever you are, regardless of whether you have an internet connection. The App automatically syncs with the system once the device is online. To see the App in action , click here. 


Permit to Work 

Whether you have an in-house Engineering Team or use third-party contractors, your Plant and Equipment will require service, maintenance, and repair. You can build your own Permits to Work Templates for different activities and then use these to issue Permits (including signed acceptance of the Permit conditions) as appropriate. 


Safe Systems of Work 

You can produce these for different aspects of your Plant and Machinery operations as required. These can also be turned into Training Records with Safety Briefings. 


Plan Do Check Act 

Corrective action from monitoring RAs and using Checklists can be tracked and managed to ensure shortfalls are addressed. If you have ISO45001, this will support Plan-Do-Check-Act. 


Management Alerts 

Can notify you where there are shortfalls arising from any of your Plant and Machinery Risk Assessments or Checklists. These are sent to your email in real-time. 


Training Matrix 

To manage your Plant and Machinery training requirements, our Training Matrix allows you to define training requirements relating to activities and then record training, refreshers and renewal. 

You can also use Safety Briefings to deliver and record specific Training Sessions on Risk Assessments or Safe Systems of Work on your Plant and Machinery. Your employees can sign digitally that they have "Received and Understood" the training. 

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