How BCarm supports ISO 45001

How BCarm will support your ISO 45001 certification

How BCarm supports ISO 45001

BCarm will support your ISO 45001 certification, particularly the day-to-day operation of the standard, here’s how.

There are 10 sections to ISO 45001. 

The first four sections of ISO 45001 (1:Scope, 2:Normative References,3:Terms & Definitions, 4:Context of the organisation) relate to complying with the standard, not the operation of H&S. Section 4 requires the design and integration of processes within the management system to satisfy the requirements of ISO 45001, and that is what BCarm delivers.

Section 5 Leadership is dedicated to business leadership for H&S. 

It’s the remaining Sections (6:Planning, 7:Support, 8:Operation, 9:Performance Evaluation & 10:Improvement) that are focussed on the day-to-day management and operation of Health & Safety. How BCarm supports ISO 45001 :-

  • BCarm allows you to develop your Risk Assessments across the organisation and then proactively monitor these at a pre-determined schedule based on the level of hazard (i.e., weekly/bi-weekly/monthly etc) [ISO 45001 Sections 6,7,8 & 9]
  • This monitoring produces a “%” compliance performance score, how many of your Control Measures are in operation. This is a LEAD performance indicator. [ISO 45001 Section 9]
  • In doing so, it records any non-compliances and allows any corrective action to be recorded and tasked to an individual to action at that time and then track its performance [ISO 45001 Sections 8 & 10]
  • Checklists completed in BCarm will also generate “%” performance scores and record and corrective task action [ISO 45001 Sections 8,9 & 10]
  • The Reporting Centre allows you to report on the performance of H&S across business units and sites, which can then be used for assessment of Management KPI’s Performance [ISO 45001 Sections 5 & 9]
  • It also allows you to produce and sign-off Safe System Of Work, Method Statements, and Permits to Work, including delivering Safety Briefings on these to employees [ISO 45001 Section 8]
  • The Training Centre allows you to manage and deliver our training needs and the system itself will enable you to deliver Safety Briefings, Toolbox Talks and E Learning [ISO 45001 Sections 7,8 & 9]
  • The Incident Manager delivers Accident/Incident reporting and investigation, the compilation of relevant documents and records, and the identification and tasking of corrective action [ISO 45001 Sections 7,8,9 & 10]
  • It will also help you evaluate and manage the performance of contractors/third parties on our sites [ISO 45001 Section 8]
  • The system also gives you complete visibility of all planned activity and whether it has performed or not across the business as well as the action required and completed to address non-compliances [ISO 45001 Sections 8,9 & 10]
  • HSM App - via Tablet or Mobile.  With the BCarm HSM App you can easily access Checklists, Task Management, Incident Manager, Asset Manager and the Information Library wherever you are, regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. The App automatically syncs with the system once the device is online. To see the App in action click here.

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