How do I manage Health and Safety activity around Incidents and Accidents

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Accident and Incident Management is critical to the Health and Safety process. It allows us to understand how incidents occur, learn necessary lessons and take steps to avoid them in the future.

How can BCarm help you manage Accidents and Incidents?

Accident Incident Reports (in Bcarm)

The Health & Safety Management system Incident Manager module allows you to record and manage incidents and accidents, providing a detailed audit trail and record of corrective actions.

As well as the Accident/Incident forms shown below, you can build your own “customised” Report form.

  • Accident Book Record
  • Dangerous Occurance Form
  • Near Miss Form
  • RIDDOR Report Form
  • Road Traffic Incident Report Form
  • Violence & Bullying Form

Accident Investigation

If your Accident/Incident requires further investigation to understand how it occurred and the root causes, the Accident Investigation Form captures all of the relevant data.


Witness Statements

To further support the incident investigation process signed witness statements can be recorded against the incident and a form of corroborative evidence.



Corrective Action

Your investigation may reveal that certain further actions should be taken, for example, additional control measures might need to be added to a risk assessment following an Incident, or additional training provided.

You can record and allocate corrective action as part of the incident record. The individuals assigned to the action are notified and can act straight away.

On completion of the action, you can also be notified.


Accident Records

You can upload information into the Accident Record. This could be a photo or another kind of document including video files such as CCTV recordings. This process is made even simpler through the BCarm app or by using a tablet device.

You can also attach other information that already exists in the Health & Safety Management system that are relevant and add them as supporting evidence or documentation.

Here are some of the kinds of associated records you might want to include:

  • Other incident cases
  • Checklists (and the responses given to checklists)
  • Articles from the Information Library
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Policies
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Training Records

Management Alerts

The system allows you to set management alerts when different things happen; for instance an Accident is recorded. This makes it easier to devolve the process across the business and yet still have instant awareness when Accidents/Incidents are reported allowing you to engage in the process and manage the accident.


HSM App - via tablet or mobile

With the BCarm HSM App, you can report Incidents in real-time, regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. When you’re back online, you can sync your Recently Submitted Incident Forms with the Health & Safety Management system, and the information provided will be available to the rest of your team.


E Learning Module

Our E learning module delivers consistent and relevant training and provides powerful insights into the work environment and specific concerns that can trigger actions – and where necessary a full audit trail.

View the full list of courses here.

In the E Learning suite, the Accident Investigation Module will help you build your internal understanding of the process and why it’s so important.


BCarm Academy

BCarm Academy delivers bite-sized virtual learning on hot risk topics. These free 30-minute sessions highlight key legislation and safety best practices in the workplace. Watch our Accidents and Incidents Academy here.


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