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BCarm digital checklists

A critical element of the Health and Safety process is checking that policies, procedures, working practices, and risk protections are being maintained and complied with.

Whether it's Pre-start Checks, Weekly Walkarounds, Racking Inspections or Audits, Checklists are a key element in maintaining the Safety Management system.

The purpose of checklists in the H&S Process

  • Means of safety sampling – checking on more important safety controls
  • Tool for implementing Plan-Do-Check-Act (ISO45001)
  • Recording Statutory checks, for instance Fire Tests
  • They can help reinforce process/working procedures, for instance pre-start checks
  • They provide an audit trail
  • Can create focus around key issues
  • Can also create a method for capturing H&S Performance Data

BCarm Checklist Module

  • Contains 50+ editable checklists
  • Checklist Builder allows you to design your own checklists and audits
  • In-built scoring function allows checklists to produce performance scores
  • Analytical tools allow analysis across multiple instances of a checklist
  • Allow you to capture images and create further actions
  • Can be set to send management alerts in given situations
  • Available online/offline in the BCarm HSM App

The BCarm Checklist Module provides incredible flexibility to develop Checklists that are tailored to your exact requirements. This includes the ability to upload images into Checklists and to create and assign tasks.

It also allows you to generate performance data from the completion of Checklists that can allow you to measure performance against accountability. This performance data can be LEAD indicator data, which is crucial to proactive safety management.

Our Safety App also allows you to deploy any Checklists onto tablets and mobile devices to access both online and offline.

Key considerations when designing a Checklist

  • What Analysis/Reporting do you want from the Checklist?
  • What are your Data points?
  • Order the questions for how/where is the Checklist completed (i.e. walk around)
  • What functionality do you want to use; question formats, upload images, task creation and assignment, management alerts)
  • How can the process be simplified?

If you want help designing your Checklist, book a call with our Engagement Team here 

BCarm HSM App

Access online/offline

  • Checklists
  • Incident Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Task Management

The APP is available in Play Store (Android) or Apple Store

Contact us to get set up in the APP.

How do I get started?

To learn how digital Checklists could work for you, arrange a meeting with the BCarm team so we can understand your Checklist needs and requirements, and help you get started.  

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