BCarm Health & Safety Management System Updates 2020

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At BCarm, we're always looking to improve and enhance our systems and have made the following updates over the last few months. 

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New functionality:

  • The option to upload a permit that may exist as an external document (e.g. PDF / Word doc etc.) rather than create an online record for it. To upload a permit in this way, click on the "Upload Permit" button at the top of the Permits to Work page.
  • A new alert type for New Witness Statement. If a user signs up for this type of alert they will receive a notification as a witness statement is submitted.

Improved UX/System Enhancements:

  • The option to re-order hazards and control measures on advanced risk assessments, from the edit hazard/control measure screens. Use the drag icon next to a hazard or control measure to invoke the re-ordering.
  • Including the risk assessment version on the printed template within the assessment information section.
  • The option to include case notes and related tasks when exporting an accident case.
  • Changes to the Witness Statement form so that it can be printed in a blank format at any time, while making the online version available once another form has been completed within a case.

Updates to task filters including:

  • Reloading any applied task filters on the ‘All Tasks’ page after closing a superseded task, so that you no longer have to reapply the filters to get back to the previous list of tasks.
  • The addition of an ‘Assigned Employee Org Group’ filter on the ‘All Tasks’ page, which will allow users to search for tasks by the org group to which the assigned employee belongs.
  • Option to view tasks closed as superseded as well as those closed as completed on the ‘Completed Tasks’ page.
  • Options to view completed tasks by assigned employee on the ‘Completed Tasks’ page
  • The addition of an ‘All’ tab on the ‘My Tasks’ page so a user can see all of the tasks assigned to them on the same page regardless of whether they are overdue, not yet due or due at any time.
  • The option to prevent general tasks from being closed until supporting evidence has been provided (i.e. a file has been uploaded). To enable this setting for a general task, tick the box that reads "Tick this box if supporting evidence must be provided before the task can be closed" on the add/edit task details page.
  • Showing “SUPERSEDED” next to any “Complete Checklist” tasks on the “All Tasks” page, if the task can’t be completed any more.
  • A bulk close option on the "All Tasks" page for "Complete Checklist" tasks that have been superseded. To use this feature, you must first set the task type filter to "Complete checklist", to make sure there are no other task types on the page. You should then see a tick box next to each superseded task on the left hand side of the page. Select one or more tick boxes to reveal a "Set tasks to complete" button on the screen.
  • A new dedicated ‘Superseded Tasks’ report page (accessed from the ‘All Tasks’ page), showing any tasks that have been replaced with newer instances.

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