E-Learning November 2020 Content & System Update

We are pleased to confirm that the BCarm E-Learning course library has received a content and system update.

This update is focused on enhancing the user experience while circumventing the upcoming removal of Flash from internet browsers by the end of 2020.

The look, feel, and functionality of the E-Learning interactive courses has been updated and refined, while improvements have been made to the wording and layout of the course content.  

What will I need to do?

Nothing!  This update has been be applied to your E-Learning system in the background, so you can continue with your training and risk management as usual. The next time you start a new course, you will automatically be taken to the latest version of that course, seamlessly. If you are currently part-way through a course, that’s not a problem. You will remain on that version of the course until you complete it.

Can I see an example?

Of course!  Please follow the link below to view some demo content produced in the new style, using the new player. View Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the E-Learning course library changing?

Browser technology is evolving rapidly and to ensure we remain up-to-date we have updated our HTML5 course library. As Flash is being removed from all browsers by December 2020, we have taken this opportunity to update our HTML library only, although our Flash courses will continue to work.

What has changed?

The biggest change we have applied is to the course ‘player’. Don’t worry, the new player still contains all the great functionality you are used to (navigation, menu system, transcript for the voiceover etc.)
The graphics and images of the content have also been updated throughout to give the courses a new modern look and feel. View Demo

Has the content changed?

We have made improvements such as adjustments to wording, new layouts and improvements to the user experience however the key learning outcomes and core messages for the courses have remained unchanged.

Are the courses still accredited?

Yes absolutely, the courses have retained their RoSPA and CPD accreditation (where applicable).

What if I am currently using the courses?

If you are part-way through a course when we push the update, you will remain on that version until you complete it. The next time you launch the course, you will automatically be taken to the latest version.

Do the new courses have assessments and risk checklist questions?

Yes, the assessment and checklist functionality remains available for all courses. If you have edited any assessment or checklist questions via the assessment manager, the course will not overwrite these changes.

Will I have to re-sit training?

No, if you have successfully completed the course you will not be asked to re-sit the course until your next due date.

I have a training cycle setup; will this be affected?

No, if you have training cycles setup then this update will not impact the cycle.

Will my reporting (pass rates and risk checklist) data be affected?

No, your training data will remain the same and will not be affected by the update. Any new training data will be added to the existing data in your system.

We use tablets and mobile devices; can we still use them?

Yes, the new courses can still be accessed on a mobile device or tablet computer.

Who can I speak to if I still have questions about my E-Learning update?

Our friendly expert team are here to help, see how to contact us here. Click here if you'd like to learn more about our E-Learning system.

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