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Risk Management - Creating Competitive Advantage

If you are providing products or services that deal with Risk then you are participating in the Risk Treatment mix.

  • Risk Transfer - such as insurance, invoice factoring and outsourcing
  • Risk Management - processes that reduce the likelihood of loss or the consequences
  • Retained Risk- this is the residual risk after you have transferred risk and managed risk to an acceptable level. Its the impact of loosing customers due to a business outage, its the disruption caused by a serious workplace accident, the unlimited fine for an environmental incident, the brand damage caused by a data breach. To put a value on this - ultimately its the value of the business.

There are 2 ways to differentiate your proposition: on price or value

Insurance is a reactive risk treatment. It only "delivers value" when there is a claim, when it becomes invaluable. This is why it can have a low perceived value and is too often judged on price.

Risk management is a proactive risk treatment. Yes, it will can reduce the cost of risk transfer, but it also enables clients to minimise their retained risks most of which cannot be transferred.

It can also deliver wider business benefits such as improved employee engagement, business resilience, enhanced operational performance and profitability. If you consider how Supply Chain Management has evolved since 2020 and the Pandemic, robust business continuity arrangements are a competitive advantage.

Some businesses get this, some won't to do the bare minimum.

We work selectively with broker partners providing an outsourced branded risk management solution for clients who are looking to proactively manage the risk in their business

We provide a unique combination of cloud-based management systems, onsite risk consultancy and engagement, our process for getting clients engaged with and using our solution.

We work with brokers as either an Introducer or a Licence Holder.

A BCarm Licence Agreement allows you to distribute BCarm with the following options;

  • Co-branded website.
  • Integrate with your own risk management team.
  • Branded telephone and email client support.
  • Monthly risk management client comms.
  • Website Solution Tool and “Insights & News ”.
  • Sales, Marketing, Engagement and Training Support.

Why us?

1. Our 4-step process. This allows us to ensure we understand the clients’ issues both symptoms and cause so we can build a meaningful solution, not an off the shelf product

2. Our combination of Systems and Consultancy and especially Engagement. We deliver the operational and cost improvement of a SaaS Provider, a cost effective and tailored consultancy solution that can be integrated with the systems. But we do more than just deliver a product; we help the client implement and engage with the solution across the business to drive maximum benefit. We call this Engagement and its a key driver to our NPS Score 75+.

3. We are business people not auditors or compliance officers, so we can talk the client’s language and help them understand the wider impacts and benefits of managing risk and the solutions we bring.

4. We understand the insurance market place; its dynamics and its challenges and have previously worked in insurance entities that created real competitive advantage for its broker partners

Next Steps

To explore this further, contact Colin Hemsworth at and we’ll walk you through our 4-step process to see if we can provide a solution for you.

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