E Learning

E Learning is a highly cost-effective means of delivering traceable, consistent training into a business.

Use E Learning to help enhance your employee engagement and compliance.

What are the benefits of E Learning?

Easy to use with remote access - configured and deployed across your business in minutes, and accessible anywhere, at any time.

Targeted – set up bespoke plans according to job roles, departments, seniority and more.

Wellbeing – helps promote employee engagement and identify those that need extra support.

Transparent – powerful management and reporting tools allow the business to pick up on potential issues and quickly act on them.

Audit Trail – recorded evidence of signed training can help with claims defensibility.

Who is E Learning for?

Our flexible E Learning package can be adapted to suit the needs of any business. With 30+ courses available in over 20 languages, you can set up course plans by job function, department and across multi-site locations.

More information

To view the course lists and learn more about E Learning, please click here.

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