Business Resilience Leadership Team Workshop

Business leaders workshop

This is a half-day workshop delivered to groups of between 8 and 18.

What is Business Resilience

A definition Of Business Resilience: The ability of a business, its people, systems and processes to maintain their core purpose and integrity in the face of shocks, surprises and opportunities, both internal and external and foreseen and unforeseen.

Protecting our businesses and their value should be a high priority to business owners, but as human beings, we are not wired to consider the worst-case scenario.

In 2020 businesses had their resilience tested. Some could adapt and pivot; many struggled. But in 2020 we all experienced the same "global" event. What if we had to go through that on our own with our customers and competitors reacting to protect their own interests?

The Objective of the Workshop

This Workshop will allow delegates to broaden their perspective on business resilience through the following;

  • What is Business Resilience and what are the business benefits of building a resilient organisation.
  • Risk Biases: identifies potential blind spots by looking at how different personalities view and react to risk differently.
  • Business Resilience Analysis: A case study company where members will analyse resilience risks and consider how they might be mitigated.
  • Into the Abyss: A dynamic workshop that will allow members to experience both the physical and emotional consequences of risk first-hand as they have to navigate their way through a “live” major incident at a business in which they are the Senior Management Team.
  • Building Business Resilience: How to address this in simple bite-sized chunks, with clear objectives and minimising complexity which is frequently a barrier to business resilience planning.
  • The Business & Commercial Advantages of Resilience Planning

Outcomes for Delegates

At the end of the session, members will have the following:

  • A deeper understanding of business resilience
  • How it can be improved
  • Simple tools and technique to make this happen
  • How Resilience can be used to create commercial advantage.

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