Business Continuity Scoping Report

Business Brain Storm on Business Continuity

Business Continuity Scoping Report

When starting the Business Continuity Planning process, that hardest part can be where to begin and many businesses struggle to address business continuity for this simple reason. Critical to the process is establishing the organisation's Tolerance for Disruption; this is what provides the objective to business continuity planning and developing business resilience.

The objective of the Scoping Meeting and subsequent report is to enable the business to understand:

  1. Its own operation in the context of business continuity
  2. Its Tolerance for Disruption.
  3. How it can structure its BCP to make its easier to implement.
  4. Its business continuity objectives.
  5. Viable business continuity strategies.
  6. Next steps and a structured plan to develop business continuity in bite-sized chunks that the business can manage amongst its other priorities.

The Scoping Meeting can be delivered onsite (1 day) or remotely (2 x 3hour Zoom/Team sessions).Webinar Meeting to discuss Business Continuity

The agenda for the Scoping Meeting is as follows:

The business’ activities

  • Ownership, history and future plans.
  • Dynamics of the business’ market place(s), competitors, business cycle.
  • How it generates its income(s) and profit by delivering its products and/or services.
  • Stakeholders’, regulatory, supply chain and any other parties’ business continuity requirements of the business.

Tolerance for disruption

  • Impacts of failing to deliver products/services, both financially and reputationally.
  • Time-frames that these impacts would be experienced in.
  • Periods of disruption (i.e. not delivering its products and/or services) the business can withstand.

Resilience within Supply Chain

Review of Business Process

  • Site tour.
  • Business functions.
  • What assets/resources are required to deliver the products and/or services by the business functions.
  • Supply chain.
  • Existing business continuity and resilience arrangements.

Developing the BC Process

  • The Business Continuity Objectives.
  • Scope of the BCP.
  • Appropriate Continuity Strategies.
  • Next steps.

Who should attend?

Each operational area of the Business should be represented at the meeting and in the Business Continuity Team to ensure the fullest appreciation of the Business’ exposures and the impacts of these.

Further Support to develop Business Continuity Plans 

If further support for the process is required this can be provided as and when required both onsite and remotely. Further information on wider business continuity consultancy support can be found here.

“This process we went through with BCarm was a real eye-opener and has enabled us to put in place numerous measures to protect critical functions for the ongoing performance of the business”

Dean Brown, Finance Director,
Adey International

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