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Virtual Consultancy

Covid-19 has created many opportunities for change, particularly using technology to work remotely, and for us, it is broadened our way of delivering Risk Consultancy.

As the vast majority of the Consultancy we deliver is to clients who use BCarm, we already have an advantage in supporting them as they can readily allow us to access their data.

Working virtually also has other benefits:

  • Improved cost of "expert" support as travelling time can be factored out.
  • Projects can be more digestible as they can be delivered in bite-sized chunks.
  • Projects can also become more effective as they allow breaks within what would have been a days work, which allows for reflection on findings and possible solutions.
  • Easier for Senior Management to commit to and engage in shorter sessions.
  • Greater flexibility around the support that can be delivered.

BC Consultancy in action

Our Business Continuity Consultancy was used by a business to establish its Business Continuity requirements and create an action plan to implement it across 6 different business operations.

One of the challenges with Business Continuity is that it's very easy to go "off-piste" and not stay focused on the Business Continuity Objectives. As further support, we delivered 10 weeks of Consultancy to the Project Manager, as an hourly session each week. This meant:

  • We could break the project down into bite-sized chunks. This is really important with BC as it can quickly turn into an impossible task.
  • We could focus on the activity required for the week ahead and review the action from the previous week.
  • It provided an opportunity to seek further information in-between sessions, so the process never stalled and kept going forward.
  • The sessions became increasingly effective as each was part action, part educational, so the PM built their understanding of the process as they went.
  • We delivered the project a third of the Consultancy costs it would have been if delivered onsite.

Other examples include

  • Virtual Health and Safety Consultancy, helping a client roll out Risk Assessments across 3 locations. 
  • Business Continuity Scoping Meetings virtually.
  • Training (i.e. Toolbox Talks)
  • BC Project support

We have also launched our virtual H&S Support option for monthly/quarterly/6-monthly support.

To discuss how our virtual consultancy can work for your business requirements please get in touch.

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