Meet Sharon Ede

Meet Sharon Ede

Sharon’s role as BCarm’s Operations Manager is essential to the delivery and success of our solutions, which we describe as Client Engagement.  Below Sharon shares what drives her and gives us her insider view of working at BCarm.

What did you do before BCarm?

Not many people know I graduated university with a degree in sport science.  The reason for this choice was fuelled by a personal interest in performance levels and the human body. It also spurred on my love of working with people and thinking analytically.  I’ve been able to apply a large part of these learnings to my career in insurance and risk management.  With people being central to the process and execution of any business.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with BCarm from the start and to see the systems, team and company grow. 

No two days are the same and I love this variety.  One day, I might be meeting virtually with a client to agree with an Implementation & Engagement Plan, the next I might be delivering client webinars and that afternoon project managing new features for our system.

With my background, performance improvement is always something I am looking for and we have an internal process for this called Operational Excellence; it's focussed on the constant improvement of our client’s experience and our knowledge, skills, system and process to help deliver this. We are a “growth mindset” organisation, so we are always challenging ourselves to improve.

Probably the most rewarding aspect of my role is helping our clients engage with our solutions and make a difference in their business.  I’m proud that the team I manage help our clients achieve this.  I’m lucky to work alongside and manage a team of really passionate people who take pride in doing the job properly and who are always going above and beyond to help our clients.

What do you do out of work?

I’ve always loved fitness and when I was younger I trained with the GB Canoe Slalom Training Team. In my spare time I run outdoors, both Park Runs and trail running.  Recently, I clocked up a half marathon which was a big personal achievement.  My other love is going to music events.  I’ve watched too many bands to name.  Watching the likes of Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue and Coldplay live is just incredible.

GB Canoe Slalom Training Team

Sharon running

Watch Sharon in the video below as she describes the benefits of client engagement.   To get in touch with Sharon email her at: 




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