Meet Colin

Colin's role as BCarm's Business Development Co-ordinator involves addressing our customers and partner company needs to deliver meaningful solutions that provide value. Find out how he does this and his PB quest to catch the 'big one' outside of work!

What is your role at BCarm?

Before BCarm, I worked at AXA as a claims handler in their Healthcare division, which gave me a strong understanding of the insurance industry dynamics. So, the step into risk management seemed a natural fit.

As Business Development Co-ordinator, my responsibility is to help assess our clients' issues so that we can establish the solutions we can provide. That’s as important for understanding just how much we can assist them with as what we can’t. We’re not afraid to say to a potential client, we’re not the right solution for you.

This is a key part of our 4 stage process, understanding the issues, both the symptoms and the causes. Through this, we often identify additional areas we can help the client with and this allows us to deliver move value.

Even before Covid a lot of this would take place virtually. This may involve setting up a one-to-one webinar, group training or a workshop to demonstrate how they can use a particular feature in the system to tackle a specific issue. A good example here is helping clients understand how they can absorb all of their paper or electronic checklists into BCarm, which makes a big difference to their process, both in terms of efficiency and record keeping.

I work closely with our partners too, which include brokers and insurance companies. Again, hosting workshops or providing guidance on how our joint solutions and systems can address their client headaches or providing best practice advice on the range of issues that companies face across various areas.

What do you enjoy about the role most?

I really enjoy the entire process of getting customers on board with our solutions. Most rewarding for me is seeing a company's usage increase over time and their positive feedback on how the system has completely changed their processes, whether that’s providing help and insight on rolling the system out to multiple locations around the country or transforming clients’ heavily paper-based processes into more of an advanced systems-based approach. Some customers tell me they can't imagine being able to do their job without BCarm – so it's something I'm delighted to have been part of.

What do you enjoy doing out of work?

I enjoy spending me-time trying to hook the 'big one' beach casting in mostly stormy conditions and trying to avoid 20ft rouge waves! The biggest fish I've caught in UK waters is an 8-pound cod. Best fried; there's nothing quite like homemade fish and chips.

When I'm not fishing, I have two, very active German Shepards, Logan and Leila, which keep the family and me very entertained and busy!


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