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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is becoming a regular part of the business dialogue driven by supply chain, customers and supply chain, legislation or regulation or just good governace.


Business Continuity Planning is not a “Dark Art” but knowing where to start can be the hardest part; this short video how our Business Continuity Management system can assist.

The system contains the modules and functionality listed below to develop your plans and continuity arrangements










Business Continuity Exercise

BCP Stopwatch


ISO22301 - Our Experience 


 Winter Preparations




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Incident Response Planning

Communication Plans

Recovery Resources

Recovery Management

Recovery Planner

Planning Guide

Risk Reduction and Recovery Measures

Business Impact Analysis

Dependency Analysis

Maintenance and Testing the Plan and arrangements

Developing Continuity Strategies

The system's flexibility means you will be able to develop a simple Incident Response Plan to give immediate protection to the business or at the other end of the spectrum, a plan developed for attainment of the new Business Continuity Standard ISO22301. What you will be able to do is build a plan that is right for the shape and size of your business.



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