Business Continuity and Risk Management

New Business Continuity Features


The next time you login to your Business Continuity Planning system you will see some new features.

BCP Ex Incident Response Planning

We have added a new “Continuity Plan” section to the Incident Response Plan to help break down the process further and ensure each stage of an Incident Response gets the appropriate focus.


This new section makes it easier to separate out the initial Activation of the Plan (Activation Process), resuming the supply of Products and Services (Continuity Plan) and the full recovery/reinstatement of the Business (Recovery Management).

 Continuity  Measure Continuity Measures

To provide a better high level view of your Continuity Arrangements we have introduced a new section to the menu (Continuity Measures) that allows you to view all of these across the plan in one place, including the Monitoring and Testing regimes and the Assets/Resources they protect.


Managing the implementation of Continuity Measures is made easier with filters that allow you to quickly identify look Proposed, To be Actioned or Operational measures.

Attach Attachments

The system already provides you with a back-up storage resource for essential business information and you can now upload attachments to specific Assets/Resources to make it easier to identify and manage these.


We have also added a new Attachments area where you can view all attachments you’ve uploaded into the system in one place. This appears in the menu.

 BC Icon Planning Guide – Cyber Resilience Plan

Cyber Resilience and Information Security is rising up the business “risk” agenda and because of the inherent similarities between the Business Continuity and Information Security ISO standards, the system will readily support the development of a Cyber Resilience Plan.


It has always contained specific guidance on risk reduction and recovery measures in terms of IT Assets and Resources and a new Planning Guide feature explains how to use the system to do this.

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