Business Continuity and Risk Management

New E Learning Features


My Work, Training Plans and Progress

Training allocatted to employees is now displayed by Training Plan.


Progress is instantly visible with the new Training Progress graphic on the right hand side of the screen which shows the "%" of training completed.


Training  Progress



New Employee Comments Report


This report allows you to search for any Checklists which include Employee Comments so you can make sure they are both recognised and addressed.


You can of course email directly from the system in response and that email is recorded in the system audit trail.

Employee  Comments


These new reports provide you with easy to access "Risk Information" in the Employee Checklists allowing you to improve your risk controls and compliance.

Managing Risks

Where employee highlight Risk Exposures as part of the Training Checklist these may not be Risks that can necessarily be removed as they are inherent and acceptable as residual risks.


Report on Managed Risks - you can now filter reports to include or not the Risks you have already managed making it easier to address these reported issues.

Managed  Risks  Filter

Audit Trail when Managing Risks

throughout the E Learning system you can email employees that you capture in a report, so when managing Risk instructions, information or comments can be emailed directly from the system with a copy to your own Inbox.


This can now be recorded providing a valuable audit trail around this activity.Managed  Risks

Critical Risks

This provides an instant display of any Critical Risk you have set making it easier to manage and set these.


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Critical  Risks




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