Understanding and maintaining levels of compliance in any organisation are challenging without a means to;


  1. Establish a business-wide structure and standards, without disrupting the business,
  2. Implement it in a way that integrates with day-to-day business operations,
  3. Monitor and measure, so that non-compliance can be identified and actioned and
  4. Manage non-compliances and track through corrective action.


BCARM can support these.

  • Company structure can be mirrored in the systems and user access set allowing detailed reporting of activity and performance at business unit level


  • Business wide standards can be established using template managers


  • All risk controls can be "monitored" to ensure they are operative, generating a % compliance performance score giving a quantitative view of risk minimisation


  • E Learning platform ensures consistency of training delivered


  • Employees complete a discrete self-audit of their own working environment relevant to training providing a further compliance/non-compliance identification method


  • Management reporting provides;
    • Risk Control performance scoring
    • Multiple view of performance, whether by Risk, Business Unit, Assessor, Incident/Accident
    • Data drilldown allowing detailed analysis of activity for compliance/non-compliance


  • Access controls ensure that business data is only viewable by those granted access


  • Audit and testing programs can be established and monitored on Assets and Resources


  • Audit trails provide visibility in process


  • Technical libraries provide ongoing updates to legislation and a single source of reference across the organisation


  • Systems will support ISO Management standards (14001, 18001, 22301)


  • Task management functions allow activity to be tracked and managed


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