Ensuring a safe working environment for the workforce and the business can be challenging without the right tools and processes in place.


BCARM can support you by providing management systems and training, allowing the whole business to play their part and so building awareness and a safe culture...the best protection.


  • You can set up "monitoring" so that your protections, whether they are Risk Assessments, Business Continuity Measures or for Plant and Assets can be checked and maintained


  • If you have shortfalls in your protections, these can be identified, corrected and tracked


  • You can build staff safety awareness with our interactive E Learning and toolbox talks


  • The Training Matrix can help you manage training needs and keep it up-to-date


  • Your employee Personal Protective Equipment needs can be managed including;
    • Issue/signing for PPE
    • Maintenance and checking
    • Replacement
    • Fault recording


  • Teams/departments can be included in the whole risk management processes with personal access and permissions


  • Your employees can feedback issues and concerns through E Learning modules, which you will be able to monitor and address


  • Accidents can be recorded and investigated and corrective action identified and managed


  • Your employees and their family members can access a 24 hour confidential counselling helpline


  • Incident Response Plans and Communication Plans will ensure that if an incident occurs that a crisis can be averted


  • Our "small but perfectly formed" Help Desk Team is on hand to support you every step of the way from planning the most practical way of implementing the system to delivering training webinars for staff
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