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If efficient control of risk management with deliverable results is your principal driver, BCARM has a number of features that create transparency and accountability.


Whether single or multi-site, BCARM will give you instant access to live business information. Activity can be devolved but controlled

  • Risk management activity within business is instantly visible both at individual and business unit level


  • Risk controls determined by you, relevant to your business


  • Reporting Suite gives instant access to business information both at Board Level and individual on:
    • Compliance
    • Activity
    • Performance


  • Management and "Critical Risk" alerts can notify nominated individuals when potential issues or exposures arise or when planned activity isn't completed


  • E Learning will reduce training costs and training "down-time"


  • Multi-site functionality gives business wide and business unit access and reporting


  • Performance scoring of risk controls produces KPI data for business and its units


  • Task Management allows activity to be tracked


  • E Learning provides discrete audit of employees' working environments
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