Business Continuity and Risk Management


Having used conventional H&S Consultancy support in the past we decided our business requirements had changed and we needed to have more internal management control.


We are a multiple site business in an industry widely recognised as being challenging in terms of maintaining high standards of care and control. Set against a backdrop of increasing levels of litigation and the need to demonstrate how well we run our business, we needed a solution that would allow us to achieve the following;


  • Management access to all data and information, business wide access to common data/information, but local access to local data to maintain confidentiality
  • Monitoring processes that allow us to ensure our protections and measures are in operation
  • The ability to track action we identify as being necessary to maintain standards and an audit trail of what we have done and when
  • A central accident reporting and management, so that we can quickly react to an incident or accident and collect all relevant information
  • The ability to manage our ongoing training requirements and records
  • Easy administration and support when we need it


The BCARM system, recommended by our Insurance Broker allows us to achieve all of these.


Graham Elliott, Downing Care

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