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Incident Response Plan

A simple business continuity planning tool allows you to build an incident response plan that details what you would do in the event of a business continuity incident


  • Online tool available 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • Simple easy to use format
  • Build your plan in minutes with in-page guidance
  • Document upload areas for key business information and documents
  • Communication planning around continuity incidents
  • Define the resources you need to manage a business continuity incident
  • Detail how you would manage your employees - your most valuable asset
  • Includes a task manager to help you test and update your plan
  • Supported by the Business Continuity Helpline
  • Prints your plan as a pdf


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Annual System Licence

£120 plus VAT

The Incident Response Plan can be "upgraded" to our Business Continuity Manangement system for additional features, including Asset & Resource database, Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis


This short video explains Business Continuity in plain english and how the Incident Response Plan and Business Continuity Management system protects your Business

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