Business Continuity and Risk Management

48%  of companies with

business continuity plans are deriving a commercial advantage because of them.....are you?


Business Continuity is becoming a regular part of the Business dialogue. The drivers are many and varied; legislation, regulation, accreditation, customers, supply chain, contract tender, insurers or simply good governance.



Business Continuity Planning is not a “Dark Art” but knowing where to start can be the hardest part.



And once your there, maintaining it, well that can be challenging too!!



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I thought I had always taken business continuity serious by taking backups of my computers and servers. However I think it takes an incident just to bring home how unprepared most of us really are....more


BCARM BCP is a flexible Business Continuity Management system allowing you to develop the key components of a BCP or Management System as your business requires, including;




Business Impact Analysis

The Business Continuity Team

Continuity Strategies

Risk Assessment

Dependency Analysis

Developing Continuity Measures

Incident Response Planning

Maintaining and Testing your Plans

Plan Requirements Needs Analysis









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