Business Continuity and Risk Management

Fusion Thinking provides a suite of legal resources to support the business that can be readily accessed either online or by phone.


Legal Library

An online library providing up-to-date background information and reference material on topics including:

Business Start Up


E Commerce

Intellectual Property


Purchase & Sales Agreements


24 hours Legal Advice Line

The Helpline Legal Team can provide advice on this will provide advice on:

Employment Disputes

Statutory Licence Appeals

Contract Disputes

Lease Disputes

Tenancy Disputes

Property Damage

Bodily Injury

VAT Disputes

Tax Intervention Enquiries 


Legal Document Builder

A suite of self-build legal documents covering:

Assigning & Terminating Contracts

Business Start-up

Commercial Leases & Licences

Copywright & Trademark

Debt Recovery

Discipline & Dismissal


Employment Contracts & Procedures

Guarantees & Assignments


Purchasing Goods & Services

Sales Agreements

Tenancy Agreements

Terms & Conditions


Legal Document Review

When using the self-build documents, these can be legally reviewed by solicitors (for a fee).


24 Hour Confidential Counselling Service

Available to all employees, members of the family living with them and children attending further education.


Counsellors are members of The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and are covered by their code of Ethics and Practice.




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