Business Continuity and Risk Management

The H&S Management system within BCARM was introduced to Canburg by the previous owners of Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson.


It is a web based system with many facets that interlink with each other to produce a workable system for health and safety. And as we are company with showrooms around the country we are able to see what they are doing and seeing if what they do is correct if not we can change and show them where they are going wrong. It also gives us the capability to do risk assessments and method statements for each individual sites and customer orders also it gives the H&S team the ability to audit them and advise them of any changes in the laws.


The reporting area is of use as it allows a comparison of the accidents and where and when they happen.  We have the capability with this system to give the Directors / managers access to system so that they can review what there particular area is doing and how it is performing.


We can upload files into the system from external sources and attach files into various parts i.e. training records /COSHH / fire /accident investigations / and many more.


The action plan enables us to set what we think what each area needs to keep safe and what legislation governs there area of work and how to implement it.


There are other areas of target 100 which we use and are just going to set up proquip for use in issue of safety PPE and the training modules are also used and set up for each area of the factory and offices with the relevant  course set up for them.


The backup and training received from the suppliers of the system has been very good and the help line does in fact work not like some that we have tried.


Overall the system is proving to be a good investment and going forward the insurance company like us to use it as all the records and risk factors are all in one place and easy to access.


Malcolm Whiteley  H&S Advisor, Canburg Ltd


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