Business Continuity and Risk Management

I would recommend the system to anyone who has a multi site business or a single site business, I can’t praise it enough!


The Target 100 system has completely transformed our Health and Safety Management System.


I have access to all assessments and performance charts for each department throughout the group and can look at these anywhere in the world (with and internet connection) as the main administrator, so I am on top of any major concerns highlighted. All users input assessments into the system and can task out to other personnel within the business.


This gives us full control of the system and the system emails  tasks to the relevant person selected on the assessments for the task.


I have on many occasions and in many audits by customers demonstrated this system and we have had fantastic feedback and have passed every audit.


The system has many more features, too many to list but it has taken our Management System to a new level. Obviously input is still needed for this tool to work but it’s about making the system work for you.


We use the Training modules to train our staff internally, taking out external consultants for training thus reducing costs.


Richard Newby – Belfield Furnishings Ltd


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