Return to work resources

Return to work resources

As we start to return to work, we want to highlight the available BCarm resources that you may want to utilise at this time.

The resources available include:

  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment - the General Risk Assessment template will enable you to record your Covid-19 Risk Assessment and set monitoring time frames to ensure that these are proactively monitored.
  • NEW - Return to Work Checklist - this is a new Checklist you will find in the system. As well as addressing Covid-19, it provides a list of other risks and aspects of your Health and Safety arrangements that you may need to consider.
  • Risk Assessments - your other Risk Assessments may need to be reviewed or your monitoring time frames adjusted to reflect changes in your working arrangements.
  • NEW - Safety Briefings - this new feature allows you record a safety briefing with your employee signature directly into the Training Matrix from any Risk Assessment, Checklist, Safe Systems Of Work, Permit to Work or Method Statement.
  • Checklists - you can edit any Checklist from the Checklist suite or build your own to check safety controls/procedures. For example one client has created a Daily Hygiene Precautions Checklist to use across all of their sites.
  • Method Statement/Safe Systems of Work - these will almost inevitably need amending to reflect your Covid-19 Risk Assessment. You can duplicate existing Method Statements and edit them rather than start from scratch.
  • Task Management - if you need to set repeatable tasks/activities over which you want visibility, this can be done in Task Management. If you need to provide instruction or further information in the task, you can add images and guidance information to the task details that the person assigned the task will be able to see.
  • Alerts - these can be set to notify you if a Checklist or Risk Assessment scores less than x%. This allows safety monitoring to be devolved but a tight control maintained. For example a Client with the Daily Hygiene Checklist has also added alerts so that if any of their 60 locations don't "comply" with all the checklist criteria, they receive an immediate email alert.
  • Accident Reporting - Covid-19 is reportable under RIDDOR, so ensure your Accident Reporting procedures are updated.
  • Counselling Helpline - this can be made available across all employees. This will be a stressful time for some and can help provide invaluable support.
  • E Learning - in particular Homeworking and Stress Modules can educate and identify risks with those employees that continue to work from home.
  • Homeworking Workstations - the HSE announced at the start of confinement that DSE Assessments were not required for temporary working from home. However, Government advice is now that work should be carried out remotely when and wherever possible. As homeworking moves from a temporary arrangement to a new permanent one, you may need to consider Workstation Assessments. The DSE E learning module completes a workstation assessment as part of the course.

If you would like to talk to one of our Health & Safety Consultants or need further information get in touch for a discussion.

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